Random Hack: Identify the mid-point between two git commits

Francis asked on irc://irc.freenode.net/#coreboot how to find the mid-point between two commits, like what git bisect is doing – just without git bisect. »

Intel Boot Guard

[note for readers of Fefes Blog: The problem is in the processor, not the TPM. The TPM may well be part of the solution. See "Measured »

Reversing USB protocols

I'm resumed working out the behaviour of the Dediprog EM100Pro, an SPI flash emulator. It comes with a Windows driver and application to control it, and »

gerrit account merge

As mentioned before I'm the admin of coreboot's code review system which uses the fine Gerrit tool. One recurring issue is that its user registration is »

eduroam für Fernstudenten

Viele deutsche Universitäten arbeiten gemeinsam im Rahmen des deutschen Forschungsnetzes an ihrer Infrastruktur. Eine dieser Infrastrukturen heißt eduroam. Es handelt sich um eine Möglichkeit, sich in »

Random Hack: Identify services that use outdated libraries on Linux

With the GnuTLS bugfixes recently, I faced the issue to restart services that depended on it: After updating the library, daemons still run the old version »